Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Do you need a roommate for the ACPE Leadership Meeting, November 2013? 
Just send an email to with your name, contact information, arrival and departure dates. Tell me if you have already reserved a room, or are looking for someone that has a room.  
Your name/request will be posted to this blog.

Individuals must make the contact, ACPE cannot make roommate arrangements. Please remember to check back on this blog regularly to see if there is anyone that 

you might contact to be your roommate.
Opened August 28, 2013 - Revised October 15, 2013


-  Rhoda Toperzer needs a roommate - she does not have a room at this time.   She is serving on Accreditation, she will arrive Saturday November 9 - depart Wednesday November 13.   Reach Rhoda at 267-251-1812; 

- Robin Franklin needs a roommate for November 9 – 12.  She is serving on Certification.  Contact information is (there is an underscore between first and last name), phone number is 585-275-9562.  


-Peter Keese is serving with Certification.  Please contact him at   He does not have a room reserved as of yet.

-  Ron Lovelace is on the Accreditation Commission.  Please contact him at .  Ron has reserved a room for arrival Nov 9 and departure Nov 13.

  - Mark Hart is on the ACPE Board. Please contact Mark at Baptist Health System, San Antonio, Texas  (office) 210-297-9759.  Mark has a room reserved for arrival Sun Nov 10 - Wed Nov 13.


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